Adult facebook chat smileys

The Emoticon and Smiley Red Light District is harmless entertainment when used responsibly. Some people will always take the fun too far but it doesn't have to be that way.

To add a twist we played with a few sex animated smilies and sexy avatars. I will say we made a conscious decision not to go too far. We also made a business decision (that cost us money), not to distribute these adult smileys free of charge. This way we hope children won't be able to access them.

It was 2005 and we were busy designing innocent little msn emoticons and msn smileys for My

We were having fun designing sweet and innocent emoticons but the fun was taken to a different level altogether when lots of our users started asking for adult icons. Very soon we'd built a collection of adult emoticons and adult avatars.

There are many websites that will give you access to a variety of ways to express adult emotions - including sex emotions.

We at My Emoticons do have to take some responsibility.

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