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" So Melia came straight up to me and said, 'My uncle's a big fan of yours, can I get your autograph? An illegitimate child born at the end of the war, Eric Clapp was brought up by his grandparents and told that his mother Patricia was his older sister. In 1997 he was confronted with evidence, which he doesn't find convincing, that his dad was a Canadian ex-serviceman, Ted Friar, who died in 1985.

The only person who could confirm the truth of this was his mother Patricia. And much as I loved her, I don't know whether she wanted to tell me the truth.

The Cream's Albert Hall concerts he thought were "all right", though he says he can only remember the last one because he had terrible flu for the first three.

This new, self-effacing Clapton looks every inch the family man.

An informal uniform of jeans, white T-shirt and sneakers has replaced the rock-and-roll gigolo gear he wore on the covers of albums such as 1987's August.

Eric Clapton was an out-of-control womaniser for whom love was just another addiction - then he went to a party in LA, and everything changed.

He talks candidly to Robert Sandall about his rakish past, his new family and his latest album It's day four of Eric Clapton's week off from paternal duties, and the born-again family man doesn't know what to do with himself.

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It's the most clearly personal set yet from a musician whose best-loved songs - think of Layla, Wonderful Tonight and Tears In Heaven - have always spoken from, and of, the heart.

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