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In other societies, something other than caste would force this kind of love into the open, sometimes it’s religion, sometimes it’s money, sometimes it’s family feuds (like in Romeo and Juliet). They will smoke marijuana and drink alcohol simply because adults tell them that they cannot do so.In Nepal, they will fall in love with persons from another caste in defiance of their customs. For one who lives in a (sadly) much more Westernized country, where the concept of marriage and love has lost meaning, seeing these young people enduring endless torture, jail, bloodshed and death in the name of love, makes you think that probably there is something in those songs of Celine Dione, and of Minnie Ripperton, and the whole bunch of them.I did not know how important it was to romance, and dating.Then, yesterday, I was reading The Himalayan Times and came upon this article on page 13, ‘Dump It In The River’, by Kai Weise. You’ll find the process can be much less stressful when you keep it simple.Lifehack's mission is to help you make enormous gains with the limited time you have.This was part of a traditional system for socializing. )But even back home in Uganda, I know some girls would sneak out of home in the pretext of going to the bathroom, and instead meeting with their boyfriends.

Rather find people at work, at the gym, the grocery. We put too much pressure on making dates perfect in part because we don’t want to lose the opportunity. Grabbing a cup of coffee or meeting at an event you’re both attending can be an easy way to test the waters. You’ll also find you have a better chance for a happy relationship once you get past the honeymoon stage. If you both love nature, take a walk in the local park.But in the rural areas, where every move you make is scrutinized, how do you ensure secrecy?The first time I went to Bishanpur VDC-9 in near Rajbiraj town in Saptari district, I wanted to go to the toilet.Get rid of the scarcity mindset regarding meeting the right person! When you’re meeting people everyday, you’ll know there are plenty of options and be less likely to settle. Sound advice, perhaps, but it happens to miss the point. There’s really two ways to help ensure you find the right person. Keep your expectations in check and understand most dates aren’t going to turn into a relationship. When you have the right mindset, you’ll be less stressed, be able to shrug off rejections, and find a happy relationship that actually works. Know what you’re looking for, what you enjoy, and how you want to be treated. It’s easy to overlook flaws in the beginning, but if you stay true to yourself, you’ll have a successful, happy relationship. If you’re sports nuts, check out a local sporting event.The first, and most obvious, is to meet people who have similar interests, who share friends with you, and who you have a great chance of being compatible with. Too many people spend most of the dating process trying to impress someone into liking them. Be yourself, do what you like, and see where the chips fall. Understand this and make sure he or she complements you rather than complete you. Find dates that let you be yourself, and most importantly, get to know your date.

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