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One thing I know for sure, when you’re honest and forthcoming about your sobriety, relief and freedom will follow.

Jay Casey, a 34-year-old production assistant, considers himself a pretty regular drinker — on any given night, he estimates he might have five drinks.

One of my favorite ways to explain my sobriety to new people is saying that I’ve entered retirement.

“I thought I should fight the perception that you must drink to have fun, but eventually you get tired of having that conversation.” And even though her husband drinks, he doesn’t think you need alcohol to have a good time.

You easily bypass future awkward conversations, avoid dates where drinking is at the forefront, and give potential suitors a better idea of who you are and what you like to do.

You don’t just have to put your name, occupation, interests, and then, “sober,” if that’s not what strikes your fancy. Put “Non-drinker established: 2013.” Put, “I don’t drink or do drugs, and I don’t want my partner to either.” If sobriety is a quality you are proud of and like to include in your bios across social media, add it in with your defining qualities.

He recalls one especially great first date three years ago — which led to several further get-togethers — with a girl who didn’t tipple: “It was really positive, because she was very upbeat.” He doesn’t drink when his dates don’t (he doesn’t want them to feel self-conscious), so there’s “no worry of having had too much” — a concern that, for him, can negate the unwinding effects of alcohol.

Casey’s perspective might be a welcome one for New Yorkers trying to cut back on their drinking — while still maintaining their romantic relationships — in the new year.

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