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Jeffrey and Eddie must learn the meaning of these words and more in this brand new knockabout Edwardian farce.Featuring delightful romantic misunderstandings, blood diamond trafficking and the most realistic acting ever seen at the Edinburgh Fringe. Please note that while all media gallery content is provided by verified members of the event, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society does not review or approve this content before it is posted.What do any two random Icelanders have in common, genetically?If this sounds like the beginning of a bad knock-knock joke (or Jimmy Kimmel sketch), that’s probably because by now you’ve read at least some of the pun-heavy headlines popping up everywhere from Bloomberg Businessweek and NBC to the BBC, The Huffington Post and The Independent.A collaborative venture between de CODE and software engineer Friðrik Skúlason, the Íslendingabók site developed as a corollary to de CODE’s genealogical research.“The reason why we have been able to lead the world in genetic research,” Kári Stefansson says, “is because we understand the structure of Iceland’s population so well.” De CODE has an advantage over “the big guys in human genetics” because the organisation has intimate understanding of Icelandic genealogy, he says.

She’s part of the design team Skyldleikur whose app placed second in the competition.“The fact that the app would be based on Íslendingabók really sparked my interest,” she said.“I believe that awareness of one’s own historical roots can contribute to one’s general historical awareness.”The Skyldleikur app is an all-ages game which uses the information archived in Íslendingabók to generate personalized questions about the player’s ancestors: When did they live; where were they born? Follow Eddie Spangler, an inept, remorseless English gentleman and his loyal valet, Jeffrey, as their simple quest deteriorates into a race against time when the Machiavellian forces of the aristocracy move to wreak their vengeance. Delight in their capers, mix-ups and the dead bodies they leave in their wake.

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If it seems strange that one of the world’s more prominent neurologists would be taking the time to parse basic genetics for a freelance journalist with a high school level understanding of DNA, then well, you can see just how far the joke has really gone.

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