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My African American grandfather migrated to Mexico looking for work in 1890.

-And- possibly entertain the idea that our partner may be someone who is not Black.

There are male/male and female/female interacial relationships that are just as important.

Why limit your discussion to male/female relationships? Kellina Craig-Henderson: My discussion was determined (and necessarily limited) by the research scope.

However, I would venture to speculate that at least some of the dynamics observed with respect to race, its significance, and the privilege that White racial status continues to have in our society would operate similarly for male/male and female/female relationships.

_______________________ Reston, Va.: Can you please get to the root of why so many Black men in the DC area seem to only want to date outside of their race when there are literally hundreds of well educated gainfully employed Black woman available? But really, the numbers of Black men in interracial relationships in the DC area are no greater than those in other large metropolitan area.

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