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I have Blond hair but not like your normal dumb blond and actually I really am a senior nurse and there is nothing more that I enjoy more than doing a bit of Irish phone sex.

Now then guys if you really feel like your man enough and up for it you cal always give me a phone call on this new cheap sex chatline.

Finally you take your thumb off to release your muck in one big gush the Irish sex chat girls love this.

Then you spray it all over the shop like you've just pipped Schumacher and Button to the finishing line in the Grand Prix then you put the phone down until you have more spunk and recall the Irish phone sex chat girl.

You don’t need any experience to enquire about working on the chat-line, you’ll be greeted by one of our friendly team who will be more than happy to talk you through the process and help decide if it’s right for you.POLE POSITION Just thought I'd share my favourite wanking technique with you, I call it 'popping the cork.What you do is knock one out as per usual but just as you're about to spurt you press your thumb over your Jap's eye and let the pressure build up for a little like you would with a bottle of Champagne before having Irish phone sex chat.Call now if you have the balls that we will crush with our high heels tell us what you want sissy boy and we will gladly give you pleasure that is pain You like latex don't you? are you wearing one of our most innocent of god's childrens panties? I am a geuine latex fetishist who will give you exactly what you want unlike other phone sex numbers we on this domination site are genuine fetish experts if latex phone sex for you then call me live 24 hours. I am Mistress Dominina I specialises in CBT and caning! Get naked now watch my movie and call me for CBT domination phone sex bitch! You deserve some of your own punishment I am going to belt you then I am going to bugger you with one of these strap on dildo's I found in one of the young sister's room then I am going to make you watch a dirty movie suck every last drop of your seed from that instrument of evil you call a penis so deep and hard you will have nothing left to want to do this again you need chastising you dirty old poor excuse of a priest and you will call me every Friday after you have had your fish for further confessions and punishment and it won't be 10 hell Mary's it will be my strap on.

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Here is some info about me what I like and don't like ect My Age is : 30 My vital statistics are measurements 36, 28 ,36 I am Blond but not dumb and no that's not unusual for an Irish girl ,in fact I am a qualified nurse and sometimes I sneak into the office in the hospital for a quick bit of phone sex but I can only manage this using the night shift.

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