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(for example if the dropdowndown value is not populated correctly it could still happen).

It allows to close this door once for all rather than to still wonder about that...

NET applications and even more years of professional experience using Microsoft development technologies such as ASP, Visual Basic, and SQL Server.

I have worked in several markets such as insurance, real estate, leasing, medical, hospitality, among many others.

I would probably pass in the customer log as a parameter to the method and then have it deal with just the database insertion.

If you wanted to keep a Insert Or Update type of approach I would branch on perhaps something like the object ID if it has one.

I was getting an entity back from a query, changing some values, and calling the Data Context. I decided to fire up SQL Server Profiler and see what queries were being executed and to my surprise Linq To Sql (L2S) was not executing anything.

So for now my guess would be that the query doesn't return any row.

Could you confirm explicitely that you tried to put a breakpoint to see that the loop is really entered?

For example the Update, Insert and/or Get might be in some sort of repository class.

The Create Customer Log and Update Customer Log might be at the higher level, maybe your UI level as it interacts directly with the UI elements. thanks a lot , you mean to say that I should insert and update records in different function and only pass the type of object which would let it know if it is insert or update , I could no understand your use of Inser Or Update() , could you explain.

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