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18 - Swiss motion capture specialists have joined forces with a surgeon to provide the first scientific guidelines for hip transplant patients wanting safe, pain-free sex.Post-operative intercourse for people who've undergone hip replacement surgery can be stressful and risky but, for at least one patient, the guidelines are putting the joy back into sex. ▲ Hide Transcript PLEASE NOTE: THIS EDIT CONTAINS MATERIAL THAT MAY OFFEND When, at the age of 27, Patricia Schallenberger needed a hip transplant, she wondered if she'd be able to resume a full and fulfilling sex life afterwards.The result is the first known post-operative sex guide for hip transplant patients.Artanim recorded two volunteers performing 12 common sexual positions while wearing motion capture markers strapped to their skin.This type of trafficking involves the live-streaming of the sexual exploitation of victims, many of whom include children.The IJM estimates that paedophiles and predators pay anything between US and US0 per “sex show” broadcast online.Cybersex trafficking is especially dangerous because victims can be moved from location to location without the authorities suspecting anything, as all transactions are done online.The sex trade is an extremely lucrative business opportunity, particularly for agents or pimps in charge of the supply.

A recent estimate by the UN International Labour Office indicates that profits from sex trafficking is on average six times higher than that of other forms of forced labour, such as domestic work.” Figures suggest that there are around 142,000 sex workers in Malaysia, of which between 8,000 and 10,000 are located in Kuala Lumpur.This makes them prime targets for traffickers who lure and trap them into exploitative work, including sex work and prostitution.In addition, there’s a new kind of sex that has sprung forth together with the advancement of the Internet and digital age – cybersex trafficking, for which the International Justice Mission (IJM) believes the Philippines is a major hub.These are real, human testimonies to the horrors of being trafficked and held against one’s will to be taken advantage of and used as a product.Their experiences result in mental and physical trauma, and they struggle with feelings of guilt, anger, disempowerment, and worst of all, shame.

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