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"When you understand how the steps fit with the music, going too fast won't just feel like rushing," says Jeremy Arnold, lecturer of tap at the University of Texas at Austin."It'll feel wrong." How can dancers develop that musicality? We're coming down to the wire on "Dancing with the Stars," and it's getting harder and harder to decide which of the remaining couples should hang up their dancing shoes.Well here at , we understand the struggle is REAL, which is why we've rounded up our favorite foolproof makeup hacks, approved by resident #Lazy Girl when it comes to makeup (spoiler alert: it's me). Unsurprisingly, that presence and power have started turning heads in a serious way.Not only did Talia Favia choreograph one of her solos in 2017, but Kalea also recently signed with Bloc Talent Agency in L. and, last summer, placed first overall in the junior contemporary solo category at Radix Nationals.Taylor Swift is #blessed in many ways: She's got a great voice, insane song writing skills, and, to quote her new hit single, she's "Gorgeous." She is not, however, blessed in the dance department.

She is married to dancer and choreographer Keone Madrid. Sotero was the son of Policarpio Dacanay and Marta Marzán.

🤣 You rehearse your group routine to perfection, but when the big performance rolls around, everyone turns into speed demons.

It's the runaway-train effect—and it only takes one loud tapper, or zippy turner, to throw the whole group off the music.

What happens when legend Brian Friedman teaches at Willda Beast and Janelle Ginestra's fabulous IMMA SPACE?

A merging of the B Free and Imma BEAST tribes that includes a mind-boggling number of A-list Hollywood dancers.

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