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If the situation appears to be escalating, contact law enforcement.While it most cyberstalkers never make physical contact with a victim, they will sometimes try things like swatting to get attention.Allowing a stranger into one’s life always poses certain risks. The last thing most people want to create is a stalker in their lives. There are certain precautions individuals must take to ensure their personal safety, when looking for that special someone to enhance their lives.Statistics show 25% of college women have been stalked through the Internet. There are programs on the Internet where you just enter a person’s full name and a map to their house pops up. If seekers are single parents, they’re putting their children in danger as well as themselves.Cyberstalking is a very serious form of online harassment.At one level, cyberstalking is much like cyberbullying, as it involves the sending of repeated annoying and unwelcome messages.

Cyberstalking is a sad and disturbing part of modern society, and things will only get worse before they get better.

Some cyberstalkers will just choose random targets online.

According to Bedford University's ECHO research, stalkers on online dating sites are still very rare (i.e. So if you are looking for love online, the risk is still quite low for you getting yourself a cyberstalker.

Cyberstalkers like to use email, Facebook, Twitter, Four Square, text messaging, and sexting as their primary tools.

They sometimes use online dating services, discussion forums, and mobile phone devices to stalk their prey.

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