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These chapters provide information for application-specific languages, including Perl, PHP, Java, Python, Pro*C, and Oracle Forms.No application migration will be successful without a clear understanding of the Oracle technologies that come into play during an Oracle database migration to the SQL Server platform.The strategy for application conversion is broken down into the following two segments: The application conversion development team is responsible for ensuring that applications designed for the Oracle source database work the same way with the migrated SQL Server target database.The application migration process may appear complicated.

There are four levels or sets of features in SQL-92: entry-level, transitional, intermediate, and full.

Oracle 9i fully supports a majority of the core SQL-99 features, and it partially supports the non-core features.

The SQL-92 entry-level feature set is very similar to the SQL-99 core feature set, which means Oracle 9i supports entry level features of SQL-92 entry level.

Testing is necessary because of the core differences between Oracle and SQL Server.

There are some architectural differences between each RDBMS.

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