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However, it is currently in the very early stages of production, and is both somewhat unstable at times, and also quite hard to install.

This guide details a possible route which may allow you to successfully install it from Gentoo Linux, though with some imagination, there is no doubt that it can be transferred to other distributions and window managers.

When Portage has merged a newer version of a certain software title, it will remove the obsoleted files of the older version from the system.

Portage gives the user a 5 second delay before unmerging the older version.

All these purposes have well-known default locations but can be altered to personal taste through .

The rest of this chapter explains what special-purpose locations Portage uses and how to alter their placement on the filesystem.

A profile contains architecture-specific information for Portage, such as a list of packages that belong to the system corresponding with that profile, a list of packages that don't work (or are masked-out) for that profile, etc.These 5 seconds are defined by the variable and are generally configuration file locations. A file that would be written in such a protected location is renamed and the user is warned about the presence of a newer version of the (presumable) configuration file. When the requested information or data is not available on the system, Portage will retrieve it from the Internet.The server locations for the various information and data channels are defined by the following variables: store the source code in the correct location."Page Traffic has once again been extremely professional and effective in their efforts to improve our search engine rankings.The SEO services I subscribed has been thorough in meeting our needs and staying on time and on track." "We came to Page Traffic with an idea.

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tell your CLI users that their is old Set and forget.

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