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The number of women who weren't sexually active but still expressed satisfaction surprised her as well."I think there's a whole range of reasons people might be sexually satisfied," she said.It may be that those who are not sexually active "have achieved sexual satisfaction through touching, caressing, or other intimacies that have developed over the course of a long relationship," according to the study.The other explanation is that some older women who have no intimate contact of any kind are perfectly happy about it.

Some cope by gardening and foraging in the forest in addition to their job, some drink, some play volleyball on the high school’s court."So, how do Sablin's aunties fill their days? Follow along as they pick berries, chop logs, and complete crossword puzzles in the gallery, ahead.Form genuine friendships, whose value isn't attached to sex. The seventysomething women are her aunts, Ludmila and Alevtina, and they still spend their summers in the tiny family cabin Sablin used to visit when she was a young child.Women grow increasingly satisfied with their sex lives after they turn 40, a new study suggests.For some, that heightened satisfaction comes from having great sex; for others, it stems from the fact that while their sexual activity has decreased, so has their desire, the survey showed.

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Almost half of the women over age 80 said they were always or almost always sexually satisfied.

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