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Ask me if my lesbian mother staying with my shitty father in order to form a more "normal" upbringing for the first 12 years of my life was "working" for me or them? If we're not defining a "working" relationship by a lack of breakup, what does it mean for a relationship to "work"? Relationships are people coming together and finding something within each other that they value. They are sometimes "successful." Sometimes they aren't. Because once you find out what you want from one, it'll be a lot more useful to you than being an arrogant, "self-confident" ass who thinks their lifestyle is the key to enlightenment.Relationships are people deciding to commit to each other in whatever way commitment means to them. Even those of us with the most societal power in the world, the cis heterosexual white men who dominate all of the institutions of power -- even they doubt themselves. There are many wrong and unhealthy ways to do poly just as there are many wrong and unhealthy ways to do monogamy. It's about the fact that me and anyone else who I will date in the future, has made decision to accept me and want me in their lives -- ALL of me. And if my relationship right now should "fail," if it doesn't work out...Dating more than one person does not mean you have a higher chance of doing it right. Because relationships are not skills you can build. Because then it means that everyone who struggles with emotions or just doesn't feel overjoyed necessarily that their partner is with someone else -- it means they've somehow failed. Just because you have emotions doesn't mean you've failed. And having emotions, even shitty ones you don't like, is not a failure. it doesn't mean that I've lost experience or a level.At the start of the game, the players are handed a list of these skills and a few "skill points" to distribute among their characters' abilities, with more points awarded later on for completing the game's objectives.Once a skill is learned, the character (usually) can never forget it, except deliberately and with a full points refund. Following table outlines their main differences: Skill scores and perks often coexist side-by-side, mixed-and-matched in a myriad of ways, and many games (especially contemporary RPGs) go out of their way to blur the line between the two.In Real Life, the human brain acquires new knowledge and puts it to use via a spectacular cascade of electrochemical reactions taking place across a heavily networked biological cell grid.

The top comment was someone saying that basically, if you didn't believe in your own self-worth, your relationship wouldn't work.

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But complex neuroscience has no place in video games, because a) it violates the Rule of Fun, b) programming such a system is next-to impossible, and c) it runs a high risk of spawning a murderous AI on your computer.

Instead, tabletop and video games — particularly Role Playing Games and games with RPG Elements — narrow the areas of human knowledge down to a handful of quantifiable "skills" that are relevant to the plot at hand and whose advancement and effects can be defined in terms of gameplay mechanics.

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There are two common ways to define character skills in the Game System terms: skill scores (a.k.a. See also The Six Stats, Skill Point Reset, No Stat Atrophy.

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