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Rod Liddle salutes the genius of the Tory mayoral candidate in sending a spoof petition condemning himself and praising Livingstone to the skies to the Left’s in-house newspaper The battle to become Mayor of London is getting dirty.Someone from Boris Johnson’s campaign team — or maybe Boris himself — put a hilarious spoof letter in the Guardian this week.Polly sent her kid to a nice expensive public school.Sending the letter to the Guardian was bang on the money, if a little obvious.And the Labour MPs for the Gower and North-West Leicestershire.

After all, who would give a monkey’s that Baldrick from Blackadder and some bloke called Ivor Gaber, the visiting professor of media studies at the Central Polytechnic of Dollis Hill or something, thinks that Ken should win the election? That was the point — they really do believe that people care what they think.Trevor was supportive - he’d never seen her drunk or under the influence when he’s been out with her,' said Yanni, a human rights activist who introduced 54-year-old Kerry to Donovan several years ago.Asked about being a straight man playing a gay character, Donovan said at the time: 'It’s been good for me. They kind of assume I’m gay in real life and want to change me back.It purported to be from 100 ‘academics’, luvvies, lesbians and professional agitators, all of them aghast at the notion that the ‘right-wing and reactionary’ Boris might actually win.It was a quite brilliant work of parody — long-winded, witless, sanctimonious and marvellously self-important.

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