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3) Download and install any other drivers for any hardware components installed on your computer including Audio Drivers for Built in or external audio interfaces or controllers, and any other driver that the manufacturers recommend you download (network adapters, built in audio interfaces, Fire Wire controllers, graphics drivers etc.).4) Disconnect everything from your computer except for your Audio Interface.After you’ve launched Latency Mon, click on the play button to begin analyzing the processes that are running on your computer.Now click on the “Drivers” Tab to see the results of the Driver Monitoring.50-80 ms (which you will notice a slightly significant delay and may be distracting).It is generally true that the lower the latency is set to, the more the computer is strained and has to work.Your computer comes with a generic chipset, but this was made as a “one size fits all” solution for being compatible with as many models as possible.

The BIOS update will improve the performance of your mainboard components by fixing bugs.Updating your BIOS can improve your computers performance dramatically.To update your BIOS, visit your computer manufacturer’s, and download and install the latest BIOS update for your exact model number.For example, here is where I downloaded all the Drivers for the Dell Studio XPS 1647 including the BIOS Drivers Audio Drivers, CD/DVD Firmware Updates, Chipset Drivers, and Graphics Card and Video Card updates for the Dell Studio XPS 1647 for example – Drivers & Downloads 2) Install the latest chipset drivers for your computer by visiting the manufacturer’s website and downloading the latest chipset drivers for your exact computer model.A “Chipset” refers to a group of important processor chips on your computer’s mainboard, which handles things like hard drive and USB operation.

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So you will need to find a good buffer size that works for your computer.

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