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X (forget exactly which and can no longer get to my working Moodle installation). PHP from the command line and PHP through the web are two completely different things. Why, depends on how you tried to upgrade PHP (which you don't tell us).

To be honest, this isn't a Moodle issue as such and you might get more help in the Ubuntu forums.

Personally, I would just upgrade the whole thing to Ubuntu 16.04 which comes with PHP7 as standard (and works!

)OK, I took your advice and upgraded my OS to Ubuntu 16.01, moved as per Moodle documentation what was in my /moodle directory to moodle.backup, unpacked the latest stable version of Moodle 3.2 into /moodle, did a mysqldump of my moodle database in format, have my moodledata saved and am ready for the next logical step.

When a new version of your environment's platform configuration is available, Elastic Beanstalk shows a message in the environment management console and makes the Change button available.

If you've previously created an environment using an older version of the same configuration, or upgraded your environment from an older configuration, you can also use the Change button to revert to a previous configuration version.

(PHP 7.0.13 now running happily.) Would it please be possible to lead me to the easist route to getting me to where I'd like to go; namely, to get Moodle 3.2 up and running as quickly as possible?

Regards, Gary Back again, OK, I followed the instructions in the 3.2 Installation quick guide, created a new moodle database, put everything in the right place (I think) chown-ed moodledata directory to web-data (running Ubuntu 16.01), put it outside the directory of the webserver, etc. But when I do I get the error in the attached image. Please see:https://docs.moodle.org/32/en/PHPIf there are missing extensions one will have to use package manager to install them.

New platform versions provide updates to existing software components and support for new features and configuration options.

For platforms which support multiple incompatible major versions of the included web container, programming language, or framework, a separate of the platform is provided for each.

Elastic Beanstalk applies managed updates with no downtime or reduction in capacity, and cancels the update immediately if instances running your application on the new version fail health checks.

Windows Server-based platforms are not semantically versioned and do not support managed platform updates.

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