Updating table with table variable

Here is a list of database types that are often supported: A sorted, balanced tree structure.This is available only on systems with support for Berkeley DB databases.

With Berkeley DB and other "one file" databases, it is possible to add some extra robustness by using "mv" to REPLACE an existing database file instead of overwriting it: This converts the input file "access.in" into the output file "db", and replaces the file "access.db" only when the postmap(1) command was successful. # Note 1: commands are specified after a TAB character.This is because a Postfix process reads the entire file into memory once and never examines the file again.If you change a local file based database such as DBM or Berkeley DB, there is no need to execute "postfix reload".This interface may seem simplistic at first, but it turns out to be very powerful.The (key, value) query interface completely hides the complexities of LDAP or SQL from Postfix.

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