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Among the countries infected are the US, China, Russia, Spain, and the UK.EU law enforcement agency Europol said it was supporting countries dealing with the cyberattack.

Friday’s attack look to be just that, as it leverages a vulnerability in Microsoft’s Windows operating system previously discovered by the US’s National Security Agency.

John Bambanek, threat research manager at the Fidelis Cybersecurity firm, said that “the fact that a vulnerability developed by the NSA was used in this attack shows the dangers that can happen when this knowledge gets out into the wild even after a patch has been developed.”“Unlike traditional weapons,” said Bambanek, "these tools can be repurposed quickly from devastating criminal attacks.

The intelligence community should develop strong procedures that when such tools leak, they immediately give relevant information to software developers and security vendors so protections can be developed before attacks are seen in the wild."Ransomware is one of the fastest-growing types of cyberattacks.

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