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As a slamming serial killer, she turned Mc Kay into a scheme machine who captured our hearts while matching wits -- and body counts -- with the lead character until they finished off Showtime's gory story in 2013.

Strahovski has the range to make viewers find empathy in all her characters, whether they're cold-blooded vixens like Mc Kay or '60s elegant icons like the spirited Rene Carpenter of ABC's nostalgic The plot involves Porter Wren (Brody) a married-with-children tabloid newspaper columnist -- considered these days "an endangered species" -- who falls for Crowley the moment he lays eyes on her. Everyone's obviously doing so many different things now.

Only one of those popular shows will live another season (apparently without Strahovski), but this real-life international woman of mystery didn't have to go undercover to find her next role. "Some of it was hard to imagine how it would play out," Strahovski said of the content.

She's Caroline Crowley, a sexy seductress with a secret (or two), in . The indie feature, released last Friday (May 20) in theaters and On Demand by Lionsgate Premiere, also stars Academy Award winner Adrien Brody, Campbell Scott and Jennifer Beals, but it's Strahovski's pivotal role that will keep moviegoers on the edge of their seats.

While Strahovski wore some skimpy outfits in "Nudity in anything is always challenging -- sex scenes or making out with people," said Strahovski, who did all the above and dropped a few F-bombs in the R-rated film. But for this particular story, I always look at the story and the character and (consider), 'Does it warrant it? ' And in this particular case, it did." as its first major project, made it all worthwhile. "Zach's always a blast to work with," Strahovski said of Zachary Levi, possibly her favorite leading man. After , a Marc Forster-directed film in which she co-stars with Blake Lively, is released, Strahovski's future plans remain a mystery to almost everyone but herself. Since the countdown on that digital clock began ticking Wednesday, time on that 48-hour window has run out.

And finally, Sarah Lancaster is about to debut her new project: her second child!

A very talented actor, Yvonne has been landing one big role after the other. She has been the love interest of a bunch of men over the years. Who is her current boyfriend and who did she used to date in the past.

Yvonne Strahovski has not been seen with a lot of people over the years.

A former investigative reporter who relies on advice from Bazooka bubble gum comics, Wren tells his backstory in a series of splashy voiceovers that might make some old-timers yearn for the days of yellow journalism, when the smell of newsprint in the morning filled the air. It would be a commitment that everybody would have to be available for." Since Levi is nominated for a Tony Award for his Broadway performance in be their next dream project?

Whether Wren realizes it or not, Crowley is hiding something even as she shares information about the fate of her freaky husband Simon (Scott). We had to always go, go, go, with limited budget and limited days to shoot. We all sort of became a big family with our cast and crew. And there's a lot of chefs in that kitchen, you know. Laughing at the suggestion, Strahovski replied, "I don't know.

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She has had three main relationships over the years.

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